Adult How Is Clear Urine and Renal Failure Related

Is there some certain relationship between clear urine and Renal Failure?

Urine color works as a worthy indicator of certain kind of kidney diseases. This is mainly because urine is closely associated with the urine—kidneys are responsible for producing urine. Under normal condition, the kidneys are in charge of filtering blood, allowing the good stuffs to retain, such as vitamins, protein and sugar etc, and discharge bad stuffs out of human body through the urine, those stuffs include urea, creatinine and wastes etc.

As clear urine appears, there are three major causes. They are:

No. 1, well hydrated

When people drinking sufficient water or fluids, the frequency of their urination will increase, meanwhile, the urine color would become lighter accordingly. The clear urine should not be a concern as your drink adequate water.

No. 2, Renal Failure or some other kidney diseases

Unlike condition No. 1, when one didn' t drink much water but still get clear urine, there's a possibility that you may suffer from kidney diseases, or under serious condition, Renal Failure may appear. It can be the pathological changes of filtration and selective re-absorption of kidneys.

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No. 3, liver problems

Liver disease is regarded as another cause of clear urine. Due to liver problems, it may signal some kind of signals to the kidneys, and then one's kidneys would produce clear urine.

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